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New Site, Writer Husband, Bookkeeping

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No time for myself. Always something to do but I know I do it to myself. For instance, in order to avoid doing bookkeeping I started making this new site www.coolbabysheets.com and now am even further behind. But it sure is more fun than entering bill after bill. Also, added some new shirts to babywit. Some cool stuff like thermals for kids and some ultra cool rib shirts that scream style with the bitchin' stichin'.
Someone called and asked for the thread count on the sheets and I am like ummm, I don't even know. I called the manufacturers and they gave me the construction of yarns per square inch 60x60 and the size of each yarn 20 x 20. I am guessing that each yarn has 20 threads in it and there are 60 yarns per inch which makes it 1200 threads per inch which doesn't sound right. I just don't know how to convert this into a thread count that is comparable to the fabric normally used to make sheets so I decided to just send people free fabric swatches from the site.
This is the sort of thing that fills my head early in the morning after my daughter has awaken me from a deep slumber which I cannot seem to obtain once she has returned to her resting position.
My husband is driving me a bit nuts. He just got the edits to his first novel back and I don't even think he remembers writing it as it was so long ago. It is such a fanciful novel. I suppose I read it and fell even more in love with him. Magical and the language has this beat and movement to it that I can compare to Bulgakov's Master and Margarite. Hope you like it when it comes out. Should be the summer of 06. Anyways, he is simply a huge grump around the house now. Major mood shift. He hates editing. Thankfully with him training for a triathlon he gets most of his frustration out by running and swimming and biking right after editing. But, if he doesn't get his excerise in...let's just say I have been tempted to do physical harm more than once.
Kathy and Gabe are visiting today and tomorrow. I met Kathy through my birthing class. We had the same due date and we were both 11 days late. Her son Gabe and my daughter were born hours apart. He was verbal very early on and Ava had greater locomotive skills. Gabe would just sit around and comment on things while Ava climbed up walls. They are pretty cute together.
Eric and Mandy from Justice Clothing are coming to stay with us during the union tradeshow this week. It should be very interesting and I can't wait to hear their thoughts on unions and why they hate American Apparel so much. We got talked into modeling at their tradeshow OH GOD on Saturday. It should be an interesting weekend.
I am trying to negotiate Guided By Voices and Pavement but I don't know how they will do on the site so the advance I can offer is a bit insulting, especially because I want to make a really cool litho (BIG BUCKS) to put on the shirts. I am waiting to hear back. If you are interested in seeing these groups on infant shirts let me know!
Almost done with the coolbabysheets site and then I promise I will start to do my bills. I swear. I promise.

  1. Blogger gummydrop said:

    Well it seems American Apparel is getting carried away with its own success.

    I've read some nasty things about Dov - like how he masturbated in front of the Jane mag editor while she was interviewing him. And how he "dates" his (young and nubile) female employees. And all this anti-union talk is not nice either. And he's said in interviews that AA will play down the whole anti-sweatshop talk.

    That's too bad, since he seems to have started out with high ideals. Seems to at least. And his designs are great and very high quality.

    In Toronto here a couple of weeks ago the local alt paper had a bit of a debate about his ads and how they appropriate amateur porn images to sell shirts to women. I don't see it myself, but he does seem to have a problem with women. Maybeit was all too good to be true?

  1. Blogger Baby WIt Mama said:

    I heard that story about the Jane interview as well. My friend is going to send me the actual article. Some nasty stuff there.

    I think Dov is probably a bit of a perv but it doesn't really bother me as he is quite open about who he is. I think he knows he is a perv and has admited to as much. I don't really care if he uses porn to promote his products as he uses hot male models the same way he does female models and I rarely see him degrading women in his ads...more worship if anything. But, it would really bother me if I found it to be true that the people who helped him build up his company/'empire' and make it what it is are not being adequately rewarded. That would disturb me with all the marketing about how for the worker his company actually is. Hypocracy is just gross.

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