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Back from the city

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I miss San Francisco. I admit it. I do. Something magical about that city. I have been pulled towards it since I first saw the GG bridge when I was 16. I had way too much fun. Seeing old friends, like Kelley Ramsey who is in a band called the Wendy Croys that are a bunch of rockers over 30 and make some fantastic music. I was blown away when I heard their first album as have a ton of reviewers...
Julie, who, as a treat, gives her dog Henry her dirty panties to eat. Stoo, who just wants to be beat up. Ben and TJ who make life more delightful by being themselves and James and Jeannette, whom I managed to stay awake with through the entire night. What an adventure. But, I came back to a pile of shirts as Kristin was still sick and had to work all night so that you folks could get your cool shirts without waiting a ridiculous amount of time. I am sick now. My body aches. I think I have strep throat. Ich. Hope I don't give it to Ava.
Also, a nice surprise. We have some new shirts that rock this world. They are luscious and thick and so cool. Will post them up this week. Sweatshop free of course.
Not much else except that we are hiring a new customer support and sales person that will take even better care of you fulfilling all your needs.
That's all for today because I am not feeling too well.

  1. Blogger Mike Ryan said:

    By the way, that Wendy Kroys CD case that you brought back to Portland with you? Yeah, it doesn't have a CD in it. We still have it.

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